Is bald sexy?

Is bald sexy?

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Is bald sexy?

That beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a commonly understood fact. Yet we continue to be assailed by commentary and ‘studies’ that try to convince us that the answer to our ‘pulling problems’ is as simple as shaving all our hair off.

The latest social media post to achieve widely-shared status, mostly amongst bald people seeking self-validation, was this notelet which claims the existence of a scientific study but doesn’t link to it or reference it beyond the headline (pun intended) ‘facts’.

None of us minds the cut and thrust of claim and counter-argument and whilst the truth is frequently a casualty these days, no-one cares too much if it’s a falsehood that allows people to feel good about themselves.

The simple fact is that what suits some people looks terrible on others. At every fashion event we see weird styles that will never be witnessed in your local Wetherspoon’s. They look great on the models simply because everything looks great on a model. Similarly, Brad Pitt, Chris Evans (US) or Matt Damon might survive hair loss and still look sexy but Prince William, Chris Evans (UK) and Daniel Radcliffe probably won’t.

In one test carried out by our friends at Farjo Clinic, hair was conclusively proven to be sexier. They picked a dating site and posted photos of a client taken before and after his hair transplant. The ‘hair’ photo had almost a hundred more responses than the before image. It was an admittedly small sample group and is not entirely scientific, but I think we all knew that this was more likely to happen.

As this writer succinctly put it:

“With the exception of Jason Statham and Vin Diesel women want a guy with hair. We know it. You know it. And we know you know it.”

What is ‘sexy’ is not in the superficial or solely in physical appearance but it may be the latter that gets you over the first hurdle, to even be considered as possibly sexy. Pretty much every individual is aware of their own level of attractiveness, and if it bothers them. They know whether lack of hair is a factor in this and no study, pro or anti-baldness, makes any difference to them. We are all individuals and the attributes we share with others don’t necessarily make us the same.

Sexiness is subjective

Without question there are degrees of baldness and therein lies the issue. We think that the shaven look is smarter and infinitely sexier than a shiny bald pate. The before and after pictures (alongside) of Peter and Sardar, although extreme examples, definitely prove this.

Often this is because it looks like you’ve made a choice to be shaven, not been obliged to be bald. So, whilst the concept of sexiness is largely subjective we know what our clients tell us and that is that the impact of losing hair has a significant impact on their lives.

Getting the appearance of having hair makes a difference to them, makes them feel more confident and happier – these factors undoubtedly increase their sex appeal.

No diet, car, hair-style, wardrobe change, cologne or fitness regime will make you sexy. You have to feel it. Anything that helps to improve your self-esteem will work, whether it is some or all of the above. Without doubt we’ve found that having scalp micropigmentation makes that difference to the people who visit Brandwood Clinic. Taking all the studies and their conclusions and using their headline-grabbing tactics we can confidently conclude that on that basis alone, SMP will make you sexy!