Protect your scalp

Protect your scalp

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Protect your scalp in the sun

We know that once you’ve had scalp micropigmentation you’ll be eager to show it off.

For many of you the years of hair loss will have been categorised by hiding your head away, wearing hats or hair systems, using concealer and other forms of styling to camouflage the thinning.

SMP is a liberation. We know that you want to go out in the sun and celebrate your ‘buzz cut’ look. We want that for you too, we’re also keen that you look after the treatment to ensure it lasts and looks great for as long as possible.

The best advice on sun protection for scalps

Previously shielded, the skin covering the bulk of your skull is now suddenly exposed to the harsh light of day and, if you don’t provide it with the requisite protection, things can go downhill, and quick. It’s not just burning, flaking and sun-stroke but, for you, the sun can badly diminish the colour of your newly designed ‘follicles’.

As part of your after-care package we always advise on using a moisturiser with a reasonably high SPF (15+) but we also know that those notes are most likely filed away in that drawer where you keep all your important documents, never again to be looked at.

During the summer and when in a hot country, you may be best advised to use a specialist sun cream, preferably waterproof, and non-oily.

Some of the cheaper sun lotions can be as effective as the eye-wateringly expensive ones. This is just as well as it’s commonly agreed that you should buy new bottles every year. Other tips include frequent re-application, using factor 30 SPF or above and remembering to stay hydrated – this doesn’t include cocktails and lager, even if they are in your all-inclusive holiday package!

The Daily Mirror collated some of the best high-street brands in this feature.  We have listed some other links at the bottom of this page, some of which are specific to the scalp.

There are many other very serious reasons to protect your scalp. A 2008 study of over 50,000 people with melanoma found that people with scalp or neck melanomas die at nearly twice the rate of people with melanoma elsewhere on the body.

There are two potential reasons for this. Some experts believe that a scalp melanoma is often spotted later, so the cancer has had longer to develop. The other is that the conditions on the scalp allow the melanoma to spread because it is rich in blood vessels and lymphatics.

Whatever the reason, for the good of your health and the benefit of your looks, be careful in bright sunlight and hot conditions. Take breaks from the sun, cover your scalp with a cap or a hat and never forget the sun cream. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy yourselves – now that SMP has restored your confidence we know that you will.

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