Scar tissue solutions

Scar tissue solutions

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Scar tissue solutions

Dealing with scars and scar tissue is one of the most complex procedures in Scalp Micropigmentation. It is also one of the most common since we see a lot of clients who have previously had hair transplants.

During transplantation surgeons commonly take hair follicles from the back of the head to move into places further forward where the follicles have ceased to produce. Naturally this leaves scarring and whilst the procedures may have been refined over the years even the most advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE) still leaves dot shaped scars.

In the worst cases, generally in transplants performed many years ago, the recipient can have a ‘horror movie’ strip scar and any number of plug scars. In the older transplantation procedures surgeons punched deep into the scalp to extract a functioning follicle, this left not only a scar but an indent.

Balik’s Story

Balik came to Brandwood Clinic asking for our help to disguise severe scarring at the back of his head from multiple hair transplants undertaken twenty years ago. He had been disguising the area with a hair unit, the cost and maintenance of which was wearing him down.

He also wanted to change his hair style. The biggest challenge was the severe scarring around the back of his head, he had four strip scars, one of which was 8 inches long from ear to ear. There were also over two hundred plug scars scattered around the back, many of them merging into the strip scars creating an even bigger looking scar. We also had to contend with numerous staple scar marks running up and down the strip scars where the hair transplant surgeon had fixed the scalp back together after the procedure.

The existing hair surrounding the scars is high in density which had to be replicated exactly in pigmentation deposit and pressure.

The restorative camouflage treatment was performed over four sessions using a technique invented by Paul Clark & Simon Lane and only available at Brandwood Clinic.  After just one session you could see a huge improvement and the scars had already become less visible. Over a further 3 sessions Paul has used his skill and expertise in micropigmentation to hide all of the scars.

What Paul has achieved is a full illusion of dense hair follicles that look like cropped individual hairs at their shortest length. Balik has replaced his hair system with a look that allows him to go swimming with his children, aged 4 and 8. He had never been able to take them swimming before.

These results are of the highest standard in Scalp Micropigmentation. They can only be achieved by practitioners using skill and patience honed over years of practice.  This is the standard of work produced day after day at Brandwood Clinic where we are truly changing lives every day.

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