Spotlight on liver function

Spotlight on liver function

Spotlight on liver function 192 124 Brandwood Clinic

Spotlight on liver function

As well as being a time of great celebration Christmas and New Year is also a time of year when people naturally become more concerned about what damage they’re causing to their liver!

Liver Function Tests (LFTs) are one of the most commonly requested screening procedures that we perform. They are used for investigation purposes, monitoring of certain disease activity, checking effects of some medications or as routine screening for a general health overview.

The group of tests under the heading LFTs give a wealth of information about your health and not just how well your liver is working.

Keeping it healthy

The liver plays an essential role in many bodily functions such as removing contaminants from blood, converting nutrients from food, as a store for minerals and vitamins and regulating blood clotting. It also produces enzymes and proteins, making factors that help fight infection removing substances from the blood that can harm the body and maintaining hormone balances. The liver also produces bile which is used in food digestion.

Problems with your liver can make you very ill. Symptoms of a liver disorder include: weakness, fatigue or loss of energy, weight loss, jaundice, swelling around the eyes, discoloured bodily discharge, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. There may be all, some or one of these symptoms and sometimes no symptoms at all.

Liver Function Tests are included in the Brandwood Clinic Enhanced Health Screen as standard and also available as a single test for £65.

Location of the liver