Welcome to Brandwood

Welcome to Brandwood

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Welcome to Brandwood

Our understanding and empathy is built on the personal journey taken by one of our senior practitioners, Simon Lane. Simon’s eventual redemption via the medium of SMP underpins our attitude and ethos. As his life was changed so we believe that the same positive transformation can be enjoyed by many more people.

Our clinic

Although the process of Scalp Micro Pigmentation has been practiced in the UK for around eight years the business has been largely unregulated and in great need of modernisation. Led by two of the World’s most experienced and trusted practitioners we are in a prime position to raise the bar, to deliver a service that cannot be equalled.

Our goal is to constantly innovate and excel at what we do, to always be ahead of the curve and provide the best service possible.

Not just Scalp Micropigmentation

To complete our Clinic and ensure that we have your wellbeing at heart we offer a full range of medical screening. Using this service you can take a fully proactive approach to your health. The results and advice we can provide will allow you to modify behaviours and address issues before they become problems or solve minor problems before they become serious issues.

We will always deliver the highest standards in customer care and you can be confident that the latest techniques and products will be on offer; often only at Brandwood Clinic where we aim to change lives every day.