You want it darker?

You want it darker?

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You want it darker?

At Brandwood Clinic we spend almost all our time in the pursuit of perfection. This may not be achievable but it’s a result we aspire to and aim to accomplish for everyone who comes into the clinic.

Our attitude to perfection is the quest that drives us to examine new techniques. We’re always looking for an improvement, however minor, something that could deliver a difference. It may be a different needle, a minor tweak in technique, new machines or hand pieces, changes of pigment or colour fluctuations. We always ask the question: ‘is there something else we can try?’

An obsession with scalp perfection

Perfection is unattainable of course but it is also a healthy obsession of ours. We feel it and we know that the people who come here for Scalp Micropigmentation do so because they want the best. You want it and we want it too. We’ll always do our best to deliver it.

Our idea of perfection in terms of the treatment itself is related to realism. How authentic does it look, how real? Our aim and ambition is to match and blend so well with your existing hair colour that no one would ever know where hair ends and SMP begins.

As preoccupied as you are about finding a solution to your hair loss issues, we are equally so to ensuring that Scalp Micropigmentation is the answer. Occasionally our views may differ with yours and in those, admittedly limited, instances we try to find a compromise – something that satisfies all parties.

Badly executed SMP (not our work)
Unnatural appearance (not our work)
Natural hair tattoo
SMP should be natural and undetectable
Chris with poor SMP, improved by us