Skin deep

It is important to feel attractive and to know that you’ve made the effort to be so. In all walks of life, the requirement to be physically appealing is growing. Why feel guilty for being the best you can be?

On your head be it

Price is a factor in everything. With a hair loss treatment, is a cheap treatment something you really want to risk?

You want it darker?

At Brandwood Clinic we spend our time in the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate in realism. The results we look to achieve should be unrecognisable from real hair, this includes matching colour to the right shade to blend with your existing hair.

How we can cure your fear of baldness

Brandwood’s senior practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane have led the industry with pioneering techniques and continue to innovate, constantly seeking new ways to deliver the best possible service.

Protect your scalp

We know you'll want to show off in the sun, here's how to protect your scalp from it.

  @brandwoodclinic  Scalp Micropigmentation, a choice between being bald or looking shaved. It makes a difference.#HairLoss