Looking, the business

We’re in the hair loss business. Consequently, we spend a lot of time thinking about hair loss and talking about hair loss. We know what it means to some people. In fact, we know what it means to a lot of people.

Last week a prospective client told me: ‘I don’t feel my baldness has enough of an impact on my life to warrant spending that kind of money’. This response is rare, if only because the people we tend to interact with are those who are investigating a solution to their hair loss -and we’re not that costly either!

People who become part of the Brandwood family are a wide and varied selection of individuals, united by one common theme – they all want to improve the way that they look. Few of us are satisfied by our general appearance, even supermodels are insecure, and a lot of us invest time and money in the improvements we feel are necessary, from gym memberships to nice clothing, an occasional facial or whatever the latest product to promise us protection from ageing, weight-gain or any number of our other aesthetic worries.

Whether an obsession or moderate concern we have helped people address their hair loss via scalp micropigmentation. Replicating hair follicles at their shortest length gives people the ability to appear that wearing their hair short is a choice rather than a hereditary accident. The quantity of people who tell us that it’s changed their life is all the proof we need.

The importance of feeling attractive

It is important to feel attractive and to know that you’ve made the effort to be so. In all walks of life, the requirement to be physically appealing is growing. Even politicians benefit from better looks as noted by this 1974 study.

We don’t need really the academic studies to know this, although plenty of them exist, to quote just one:

“attractive people are better liked, are believed to possess more desirable personalities, and are judged less severely if they commit socially unacceptable acts than are their unattractive counterparts.”

It is not vain to want to make the best impression that we can, nor is it conceited to do whatever necessary to improve our chances whether in business or other relationships . In time all aesthetic enhancements will be acceptable, less harshly judged and even applauded. For now, we know that some people will do whatever necessary to bolster their self-esteem and reinvigorate their confidence. We’re here to help in that process and change lives every day.

SMP expertly delivered at Brandwood Clinic

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