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Project Description

Jon’s Story

Jon first noticed he had alopecia when he looked in the mirror and saw a perfect circle on his chin where there should have been stubble. Within a month he had similar circles at the side of his head then the base of his skull. Starting small the circles expanded to meet each other, Jon was experiencing the effects of alopecia areata. Doctors advised that there wasn’t much that could be done, the hair will either grow back or it won’t. Furthermore, Jon was led to understand, if it doesn’t grow back after a year it’s probably permanent.

By 2009 Jon was looking for alternative solutions, ways to camouflage his increasing baldness. ‘Shaving the hair down wasn’t working’ he remembered. ‘My hair is quite dark and the circles were clearly still visible’.

Moving forward

Taking to the internet he discovered scalp micro pigmentation and after a little research found out that the best practitioners in the UK were in Birmingham, Paul Clark and Simon Lane.

‘I made the call and booked the appointment pretty quickly. It seemed like a no-brainer to me… After my second treatment I could get rid of the baseball caps and other hats, I was transformed. As far as I’m concerned anyone with this condition should look at scalp micro pigmentation and get it done’.

Jon’s Video

Jon: Before Treatment

Jon: After Treatment

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