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I have worn a hair system for 25 years. My scalp was never exposed unless it was to have the system refitted or changed. I’m a very private person and nobody knew I had hair loss issues.


For many years I have hidden under a hat, in constant panic that someone would rip it off and expose the alopecia


I can’t begin to tell you how great and confident I feel. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt like this.


I wish I had visited Brandwood Clinic years ago, I’m now back in training to dance and feel my life is back to full happiness. Simon & Paul are experts in hair loss.


No longer do I worry about looking older, or whether my hair will completely fall out. Now, all I focus on is feeling happy and healthy.

The results are priceless, and I will always be grateful for the brilliant skill and the dedication of the team at Brandwood Clinic.


I cried tears of joy and relief when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time with my hair looking thicker.


When my close friends ask me why I went all the way to England to get this done I say, with all the sincerity, because they are the best on the planet at what they do. 


In 4 weeks, my life has changed beyond words, I’m the happiest I’ve been since I was in my twenties and no longer wear caps, I’m making up for lost time by showing off my short cut appearance. 


My own personal journey with Simon and Paul leaves me in no doubt they are the best in the business for helping women with thinning hair. 


My hair loss has affected me deeply, to the point I have thought there was no way out of my deep depression.


It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, it’s not all about the hair it’s about the confidence it gives you.  When I look in the changing room mirror I don’t see a bald patch anymore and it feels great.

Stephen R

I am delighted with my new appearance, my friends tell me how well I am looking but can’t figure out why I look younger and healthy.


I’m truly grateful to Simon & Paul for rescuing my treatment and giving me the appearance I never felt was possible. I’m still angry with myself for not researching clinics and putting location as the main priority instead of experience and talent.


Two years ago, my life felt like it was in a bad nightmare, I woke up one morning and noticed clumps of my long black hair on my pillow, horrified I ran to the mirror to see bald patches at the front of my hairline.


I’ve always been an outgoing person, and have never let alopecia hold me back, but I was starting to worry about my thinning patches.  

Chris F

I’d become aware of SMP by doing what everyone else does, searching the internet for an answer – a cure to baldness. I hope that my experience will help others to avoid the mistakes I made.


While most lads my age would be out enjoying themselves at the weekend I would just stay at home playing computer games wearing a cap…….indoors!

Hair loss for me amplified and contributed to all this, at one time I thought when I made an effort I could look well turned out and decent, but now balding I could barely look at myself.


As a young man, I served in the army and was based in Germany. I began to lose my hair when I was 26. I had a hair transplant when I was 30. They used plug grafts from the back of my head to implant at the front. It left an 8” by 2” scar.


My problems began after going through chemotherapy twice, my hair was never the same. It began to thin out and was brittle and coarse in appearance.


I see this treatment as the best thing to happen to me for such a long time, I will always be thankful to Simon and Brandwood Clinic. 


Where to start, I could probably write a book about this but I’ll keep it as brief as possible. I started losing my hair when I was 18/19, which was probably the worst time for a young guy as I was dealing with the typical pressures of fitting in, being cool and chasing girls!


I tried various products to help reduce my hair loss and different things to help disguise the fact I was losing my hair. Nothing really worked and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t get depressed about it.

Then in May 2016 I heard about SMP and started to research what it was all about. For the first time in years I started to feel excited about something and actually dreamt about how good I would feel after having the treatment done.


Brandwood was the third clinic I visited and I knew as soon as I arrived that they were the right clinic for me. They made my experience personal.


As a professional musician hair loss really had a huge effect on my self-esteem. Image plays a big part in the industry, and to be honest I could not look in the mirror without disliking what I was looking at.


I started losing my hair when I was 20, it felt very uncomfortable to be in that situation at that age.

Stephen B

My name is Steve; I am 38 years old and started to suffer from hair loss around the age of 30. For years now, I have been considering some form of hair transplant procedure and have been using Regaine for 3 years.


I began losing my hair at 22, I used fake tans and black felt tip pens to colour my scalp in. I had a hair transplant which failed leaving a 6-inch scar at the back of my head. When I reached 26 I began wearing a hair system, each system would last a year at a cost of £1200.


Steve suffered a chemical burn during an insurgent attack whilst serving in Afghanistan. The chemical burned his scalp and removed his hair follicles.


I’m only 26 years old but for over 10 years my hair has caused me such anxiety and sadness


I was born with a rare mast skin cell activation disorder called Mastocytosis, as a result the skin on my scalp is heavily scarred.


At 10 years old I began losing my hair to alopecia areata, I had loads of hair then so I could easily disguise the bald patches.


I tell this story not to put you off having Micropigmentation, look at my results from Brandwood Clinic, they gave me hair follicle replication of the highest standard. Please also look at my other picture and make sure you do not let this happen to you, my life was hell for 3 years.


I’m 34 years old and began losing my hair 5 years ago. In my work I see hundreds of people a week and my appearance, I guess like all women, is important to me.


My hair started receding when I was 21. I experimented with a range of styles to disguise it. When I was 25 I was wearing it long, a few years later I’d cut it short.


I wouldn’t like anyone to go through what I did with bad SMP clinics. If you want it right then go to Brandwood.

Chris S

My hair loss story starts like many others and I tried everything to stop it, finasteride, minoxidil and transplants. They all failed me and I was about to accept the fact that I would have to wear a hat for the rest of my days.


I started losing my hair at around the age of 19, although it had always been very thin. I never had a really good amount of hair.


I began to lose my hair in my 30’s. I used a topical hair concealer for a while but hated it. By the time I reached 48 it’d had all gone and I’d begun to hate my appearance.


I was looking on the net one day when a pop-up came up with a before and after picture of an SMP treatment. I thought, wow that looks good, well amazing if being honest.


Some people are born to excel and be the world’s best at something. Lewis Hamilton was born to drive fast, Lionel Messi was born to play football and Ronnie O’Sullivan was born to play snooker. They are God given talents given to mortals who have the ability to take their speciality to the next level.


I began losing my hair to normal male pattern baldness in my mid to late thirties. Thinning at the crown and receding at the temples. They say that by the time you notice you are going bald that you’ve probably already lost 50% of your hair.


When I began losing my hair in my mid to late teens I experienced most of the normal stages of grief: Denial at first, thinking my hair just ‘grew’ that way and it was normal and was nothing to worry about.


I started to lose my hair in my late teens, around 19 years of age, pretty young really. It affected my confidence badly, I never wanted to go out or socialise.


I was 25 when I first noticed that I was losing my hair. I still had a good hairline but the density wasn’t there.


I started losing my hair at around the age of 19, my eldest brother also experiencing hair loss at around the same age. I felt really bad seeing my bro having to go through that especially during his years in 6th form but i never thought for once that it would happen to me.


Jon first noticed he had alopecia when he looked in he mirror and saw a perfect circle on his chin where there should have been stubble.


I started receding six, seven years ago – when I was 27/28. It started to go at the front and eventually around the crown, it was a gradual thing really. I immediately started shaving it down.