Alex’s Story

When I began losing my hair in my mid to late teens I experienced most of the normal stages of grief:   Denial at first, thinking my hair just ‘grew’ that way and it was normal and was nothing to worry about.   Then it moved to anger and resentment – I’d think ‘why me’ get to the point where I’d be judgmental of stylish haircuts out of jealousy, wishing I could have the same privilege.  Depression hit when I attempted a grade 2 buzzcut and it didn’t successfully conceal my hair loss – it was just as visible as before.  I could go on – losing your hair that young is nothing short of devastating.

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One of the most painful parts is the feeling of powerlessness.  You can try and hide it with some concealer powder but all that happens is you become a slave to a long morning routine alongside a constant fear that it could wash off or look unnatural.  Hats only work in certain occasions – you can’t wear them if you work in a bank or anywhere formal and many bars have dress codes that don’t allow them, which is a really nerve wracking experience.   Knowing a particular style is coming into fashion that you can’t try out is devastating, but the worst part is just knowing it’s only going to worsen over the years and you can’t do anything about it.

Throughout my teens and early 20s I had to maintain these crazy routines to try and hide my hair loss – concealer, awkward styles and hats … and I got sick of it.  As a musician it is particularly painful because image is so important – knowing your hairstyle options are limited is one thing but thinking how it could impact your career is nerve wracking.  I had put savings aside for a hair transplant and once I hit my mid 20s and had enough money saved up, as well as being a more suitable age for surgery, I explored my options.

I saw numerous doctors, UK based and even in the USA, hopeful I could get a hair transplant and end this misery.  However, they all said the same thing – I was too young and the hair loss was too advanced.  It was at this point one suggested the concept of Micropigmentation to me.

It was something I had heard of but wasn’t sure how effective it was.  I did my research and looked around at different companies and practitioners, as well as meet up with clients who had received the treatment to see it in the flesh.  It was when I saw one guy who had his hair done by Paul Clark that I knew this was the one for me.  Even my skeptical family was blown away by the results.  That was it – SMP was for me.

Alex: After SMP
Alex: After SMP
Alex: After SMP
Alex: After SMP
Alex: After SMP
Alex: After SMP

Alex After

I met Paul and we spent a long time discussing my options – what hairline I required, what length I could keep it at.  I never felt rushed or pressured, and we spent a good hour or so exploring different options and once I was happy, we got going.  The process wasn’t painless, but compared to the trauma of hair loss it is absolutely nothing.  Paul kept me informed of the process throughout the procedure and we chatted about everything – travelling, philosophy, relationships and music.  He has become someone I would genuinely consider a friend, not just a practitioner.  I know he has my interests at heart and there’s simply nobody else I would want to touch my head (except for Simon, who frequently came in to provide a second opinion and friendly chat).

This was a couple of years ago and after the procedure I simply got on with my life.  That’s the best bit.  It just stopped being anything I thought about any more.  My morning routine became a fraction of what it was, just a quick shave in the morning – I had total freedom.  It’s not just that I had the look of a full head of hair…but the concept of hair was no longer an issue – I had full control of my appearance.

It allowed me extra time to focus on other areas – sweat and styling my hair was no longer a concern and as such it allowed me to do more sports and working out, meaning I’m in the best shape of my life.   I can stay overnight at friends, girlfriends and hotels and it’s not a concern in the slightest.  I can dress smart for business meetings and formal occasions and the style looks perfect, but it’s also an edgy look that perfectly complements jeans and a T shirt.  Hairstyles come and go, but a shaved head is a timeless look that you can really make work for yourself.

When I found out Paul and Simon had opened a new clinic at Brandwood I was very excited for them and wanted to check the place out.  I wanted to catch up and see how they were as mates, but also find out about their new 3D treatment –  was perfectly happy with my SMP treatment but if there was a way I could grow my existing hair a little bit longer, I wanted to find out more.

Everyone at the clinic was so friendly and it really did feel like a family unit, and when I spoke with Paul and Simon they explained the procedure, how it could enhance my look but put absolutely no pressure on me – they let me mull it over and I didn’t need much time.  Having seen what a great job Paul had already done and how he had transformed my life, I knew the 3D scatter treatment would make my hair look even greater.

I couldn’t be happier – the 3D scattering has really enhanced my look and will allow me an extra day or so growth.  What looked great before now looks even better and I can’t thank Paul and Simon enough for everything they have done.

If you’re considering SMP I wouldn’t go anywhere other than Paul or Simon at Brandwood.  They really care about each and every client and have the level of perfectionism you would want for such a personal procedure.  The clinic itself is in a nice, discreet area and all the staff there are incredibly friendly and was great to chat to each and every one of them.  I will definitely be keeping in touch with the team – as friends, and letting them know how the treatment has transformed my life.