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Bryan’s Story

I’m 44 years old and would like to share my SMP journey.

I discovered Scalp Micropigmentation four years ago and had treatment with the company who still boasts they are world’s leading Micropigmentation clinic. In 2013 I was treated in Harley Street, London and felt super confident that my hair loss worries were coming to an end, unfortunately this was the beginning of a living nightmare for the next 3 years of my life.

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I asked the practitioner for a soft natural hairline and density that replicated my existing hair, what she gave me over 3 treatments was a pigment that looked blue and was and looked like it had been painted on, it was a complete mess.

I was horrified and asked the owner of the company to help me, amazingly it took 2 years of me calling constantly until he finally admitted it was a disaster and he agreed he would give me free laser treatment and they would start again. I went through the laser treatment, probably the most physically painful experience I have had, to rid the blue smudge all over my head but had no intention of letting them treat my scalp again, I had no confidence in his company or the practitioners and asked for my money back. To date he still refuses to refund me.

The psychological effect it had on me was terrible, I had to wear a hat at work and I stopped socialising. Wherever I went my personal confidence suffered terribly, I truly was at an all-time low.

Through extensive research I knew of Simon Lane & Paul Clark and the great reputation they had in Scalp Micropigmentation and asked for their help. After several discussions with Simon I started to gain confidence once more and had the treatment carried out at Brandwood. The rest is history.

After what I went through I wanted to be sure I was going to go to the best in the field. Simon and Paul are just that. They are unmatched. In my opinion there are no other practitioners I have researched who come close – and I have covered most if not all. Simon and Paul are the best there is. Period.

During my three treatments with Paul I was totally relaxed and enjoyed the company immensely and the guys put any lingering doubts to sleep. Over 3 sessions he created the natural hairline and soft density I had craved for all those years ago. I’m back full of confidence and happy and I owe this all to Brandwood Clinic.

I have always been careful with recommendations but would confidently recommend Brandwood to anyone who wanted this treatment carried out.

I tell this story not to put you off having Micropigmentation, look at my results from Brandwood Clinic, they gave me hair follicle replication of the highest standard. Please also look at my other picture and make sure you do not let this happen to you, my life was hell for 3 years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Paul & Simon and all at Brandwood Clinic.

Bryan: Before SMP Rescue Treatment
Bryan: After SMP Rescue Treatment