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My hair loss story starts like many others and I tried everything to stop it, finasteride, minoxidil and transplants. They all failed me and I was about to accept the fact that I would have to wear a hat for the rest of my days.

I stumbled upon SMP by an accident and started to look into it. I could not believe the results and it sounded very logical and an easy decision since I already kept my hair very short.

It is my SMP story that is different since we often only read about and see the good ones. This is why I would like to share mine in hope that others can benefit from it.

I live in Denmark where there was only one provider at the time, in the capital city. They brand themselves as to best clinic in Scandinavia. I visited the clinic and everything seemed to be good so I booked my treatment and was all exited to finally get rid of my bald look.

This was literally a decision that ended up making my life feel like the worst nightmare ever!

Chris: Before & After SMP Rescue
Chris: Before & After SMP Rescue
Chris: Before & After SMP Rescue
Chris: Before & After SMP Rescue

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I asked for a jagged hairline and he said that would not be a problem. I had full trust in his ability but as the sessions went a long this was not what I got. He promised me before all sessions that he would do it but he kept adding density to the top of my head alone. The hairline was uneven and did not match my hair on the sides and in the back of my head. After four sessions I thought that this was the best it would be and accepted it.  When I had a closer look I saw that he had made lines on my scalp and since he had treated the top of my scalp 4 times it stood out in density and colour and was quite eye-catching. The sort of attention no one with SMP-treatment wants. Finally, one day a friend of mine said to me: your head (scalp) looks blue.

The words hit me like a ton of bricks and totally consumed me. I was in total despair and called the clinic. He said that he would treat me again. At that point I had no trust in his ability to correct anything and was sure he would just make it even worse. I asked him for a refund and he declined it. I sent him pictures and he said he could fix it with more sessions. At this point I knew that I was on my own. I called a laser clinic and scheduled a time to begin the lengthy process of having it removed.

When I researched on other bad SMP procedures I noticed that one clinic had a SMP rescue treatment program. This clinic produced amazing results and were well known for it as well.

I called Brandwood to see if they could help me like they have done for others. I sent pictures for Simon and Paul to see. I was happy to hear that they both agreed that they could indeed help me.

I was on a plane just 14 hours after my conversation with Simon. I had my first treatment and I could not believe my eyes when I saw what had been done in one session! My hairline was jagged. He had levelled out the big difference in the sides and top. He even treated the discoloured areas in a way that it looked more 3D and in the right shade. I was thrilled and at that point I knew that Brandwood was the place to go.

I know first hand what it is like to be lied to, mistreated and left with no help. I was in complete despair.

Chris After

Brandwood took me in right away since they understood how miserable I was. They have answered all my questions and turned my life around.

There are dishonest providers who use wrong pigments and have no conscience making money on you and leaving you with a terrible treatment.

If you are going through the hell I went through with an uneven hairline and bluish tint head contact Brandwood they are the best in the business. If anyone can save your scalp they are the ones. This is my story and my advice.