Chris’ Story

Some people are born to excel and be the world’s best at something. Lewis Hamilton was born to drive fast, Lionel Messi was born to play football and Ronnie O’Sullivan was born to play snooker. They are God given talents given to mortals who have the ability to take their speciality to the next level.

Paul Clark was born to be just about the world’s best and most innovative SMP practitioner.

I would put Simon Lane in the same bracket, however, he came into the industry at a later time in his life after overcoming great adversity and having the treatment himself. In sporting terms you can compare Simon to Jamie Vardy – getting to the top via the hard route later in life but completely smashing it when he did.

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SMP should really stand for ‘Simon Meets Paul’ because the industry changed for the better when these two first worked together and now they have joined forces to create Brandwood Clinic.

You may think I have some involvement in the Clinic but I do not, I just want to tell you a bit about my story and why I am so passionate about Simon and Paul’s new venture. I have worked in the SMP industry myself and have had a full head treatment.

I started losing my hair in my early thirties and shaved it from that time. It didn’t bother me at first but unfortunately I had to have treatment for cancer and my hair loss was accelerated. When it grew back it was a bit patchy and had turned nearly white.

As I shaved everyday it wasn’t that noticeable but I did discover the SMP procedure and looked into it. When I saw a temporary role advertised at a leading SMP company in Birmingham I applied for, and got, the job.

What I found surprising was that the team I was working with had nobody who had hair loss or had had the treatment.  We were talking to hundreds of men looking to book treatment and wanting advice and reassurance before going for a consultation. It made sense for me to have the treatment for the business and the company agreed with me. It was arranged that I would have my treatment with a newly trained practitioner who I was told was ready to go by the powers that be……how wrong they were. It was not the practitioner’s fault and I found out later that they were just not ready, senior staff had advised as much.

It was a disaster….( see photos attached ) extremely painful and a complete mess. I bit the bullet and kept to the company script by still advising clients how wonderful the treatment was and how it changed lives and how fantastic our practitioners were. I now regret this terribly but as I was working in the UK and all of the clients I was speaking to were in the USA, they would not be treated in England.

It was decided that my treatment was so bad it would have to be lasered off and I would have to wait maybe 6 months for corrective treatment…I was devastated. However, Paul and Simon got together and decided they could try and put it right if that was ok for me. They both discussed the way forward and Paul started the task of ‘fixing’ my head.

Chris: Old Treatment
Chris: Old Treatment
Chris: Old Treatment
Chris: Old Treatment
Chris: After SMP Rescue
Chris: After SMP Rescue

Chris After

6 weeks and 20 hours of treatment later I had the most wonderful outcome and what Paul states is one of his all time favourite treatments. I spent the final few months of my time there, as well as booking in treatments etc, being a sort of agony aunt to potential customers and talking to clients who were unhappy with the treatment or how they had been treated by the company involved.

I can honestly say I was shocked and disgusted by things that went on and things that were hidden and the blatant lies the staff were asked to convey to potential and current clients.

I was asked to promote the UK side of the business, especially in Birmingham, but when Paul and Simon left (and for the record Paul was not travelling anywhere and Simon did not want to spend more time with his family…..well not officially! They were never coming back) as far as I was concerned I would not recommend anybody to have treatment because Paul and Simon were the business and having gone through what I did I would not make money and lie anymore for those people.

Please believe me and the other testimonials when I say do not use anybody else apart from Simon and Paul for your treatment….travel if you have to, just get to Solihull and the Brandwood Clinic.

I have been in there recently to catch up with the guys and the clinic is state of the art, the new 3D results are fantastic and I don’t want my treatment touched yet because it is still amazing. I may go back next year to have some 3D work but I will pay for it. I am even thinking about having the treatment for my beard area and have no doubt that either Si or Paul would be amazing doing that…..that’s how much I trust these two….letting them work on my face as well!!

Their new innovations, their new type of ink, the new type of needles, their other treatments available will all be top draw and well worth the money.

I am quite happy to talk face to face and show my treatment to anybody that is thinking about getting SMP with Brandwood.

Finally, I will say look what they did to turn around the disaster that was on my head. If they can do that, imagine what amazing work they can achieve with a blank canvas and all their new innovations.