Christopher’s Story

I was looking on the net one day when a pop-up came up with a before and after picture of an SMP treatment. I thought, wow that looks good, well amazing if being honest.

I’d been bald for over 10 /12 years and it never bothered me. Over the years I just went shorter and shorter until got clippers and just used to shave every other day.

I got inquisitive about this SMP and when my mother passed away I’d been left a few thousand pounds I did think to start with that I’d go to New York. In the end I ended up booking a consultation at a clinic because for about 2 months solid I had been reading a lot of forum posts. One of the first I read was Robbie’s little masterpiece then a few (a lot) more and I was hooked.

Christopher: Before & After SMP Rescue
Christopher: Before & After SMP Rescue
Christopher: Before & After SMP Rescue
Christopher: Before & After SMP Rescue

More about Christopher

I did notice it was a bloke, PC, was doing these treatments. In the end I found out the chap’s name, Paul Clark, aka MESSI. The clinic told me he wasn’t there anymore, apparently he’d gone on holiday to the Bermuda Triangle lol!!!!!!

I went to Paul’s old clinic and was given some spiel and taken to see a practitioner and, after 5/10 min consultation, to see her in practice. It was OK but a bit too rushed for my liking, so I got home and looked at another company. I read the forums like I’d done previously, booked a consultation and paid my deposit.

After 3 days I’d joined Scalp Guru and low and behold PAUL and SIMON WERE BACK IN THE GAME………Both alive and well and raring to go. But here’s where the schoolboy error came in, I carried on at the place I’d booked, having paid my deposit up north I went there instead.

To cut a long story short basically they f**k*d up my head, the 3rd treatment looked like a bee hive on back of my head and was WAY WAY TOO DARK ON FRONT. I was so, so, so disappointed with the results, I had a word with my missus after looking at BRANDWOOD CLINIC and booked to see Paul and Simon.

They confirmed what I knew about my head and off-subject I would just like to mention the clinic, all the guys and girls who work there too, brilliant and look after you. I’ve been really impressed from 1st day to last treatment. Anyhow me and Paul, well Paul, come up with a treatment plan to try and redeem my head to some sort of Paul’s usual million-dollar looking treatment.

Christopher After

Since I met Paul and Simon I’ve thought how the other 2 clinics I’ve been to have the gall to say they’re the best???? In my eyes these 2 diamond geezers are, and will always be, the best, hands-down.

It’s not just a job to these two guys it’s like they’re doing their own heads and how they’d want it looking themselves if you get me??? Big hugs from me 10000000000000000% top top top blokes, top top top clinic BRANDWOOD. Best thing I did and should have bit bullet at start, re-booked with BRANDWOOD and wouldn’t have needed head fixing to start with …….thanks again Paul Simon AND Brandwood.