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Des’ Story

My hair loss has affected me deeply, to the point I have thought there was no way out of my deep depression.

I’d been fighting baldness for twenty years and between 2003-2014 I had four hair transplants. I was left with a huge scar at the back of my skull and thin diffused hair on the top of my scalp.

The transplants were meant to be my salvation but they added to my anxiety and I could see only a dark path laying ahead. Depression is horrible and the mental trauma you suffer makes you think you have no place in this world, there were moments of my life when I hit rock bottom.

My salvation came when I saw a Facebook post about Brandwood Clinic and their answer to hair loss was scalp micropigmentation. I was excited and went to see Simon at the clinic. The consultation was very emotional for me, I found myself crying and shaking with the emotion of it. I spoke to Simon like he was my counsellor, telling him this was my last resort and I needed his help.

Simon was incredibly reassuring and supportive, having been through a similar situation to me. He told me that Brandwood could help and I was going to be okay. I had four sessions with both Simon and Paul which was what I wanted and they truly have saved me.

I have my hair cut short and the pigmentation they applied has given me the look I so desperately wanted for years, the scar I have has been cleverly camouflaged. I’m slowly beginning to love my life once more with the support of my wife who has seen me at my lowest point but the future looks good and I owe it all to Brandwood Clinic and their amazing skill set.

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Des Before & After SMP
SMP camouflage for transplant scars
Hair transplant scar before & after