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Paul’s Story

I lost my hair 15 years ago and have always worn caps any time I set foot outside my front door.

In 2016, I had a hair transplant where 3000 FUE grafts were taken from the back of my head and inserted into the top part of my scalp, I was told by the surgeon this would give me greater density and help my confidence. I was very naive and discovered quite quickly I had been misled.

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I felt my scalp looked worse than before so researched other hair loss solutions which led me to scalp Micropigmentation.

For over 12 months I read everything I could find on this procedure and who were the best people to help me. I chose Brandwood Clinic because of the high reputation and experience of Paul & Simon.

Over four sessions Simon created a work of art and disguised the scars at the back of my head, he has helped me to finally feel good about myself. The cost of the treatment was cheaper than my hair transplant and my results are much better.

I’m now in a relationship, something I owe to my new appearance. My girl thinks I shave my hair short, we recently attended a wedding I can’t begin to tell you how it good it felt not wearing a cap and looking smart in a suit. I met all her relations and nobody gave me any peculiar looks, this is something I have always been paranoid of in the past.

I see this treatment as the best thing to happen to me for such a long time, I have a girl I love and my hair cut exactly how I wanted it. I will always be thankful to Simon and Brandwood Clinic.

Doug: Before & After