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Gurj’s Story

Because of my Indian culture, I have always had long hair. So, it was quite shock at only 28 years that I realised I was losing it.

I’m a professional dancer and have been on several TV shows. I love to dance but being on camera I began to worry more about my hair than how well I was dancing. My crown area became worse over 5 years and I had a very thin patch left and my hairline was receding as well.

More about Gurj

I began pulling my long hair up into the middle of my scalp to disguise my balding crown but had to sacrifice dancing, I couldn’t do the routines I wanted without my hair falling back down.

My hair began to dominate my life so I began looking for a cure. I discovered Brandwood Clinic and read the high reviews of the practitioners and the clinic. After a one-hour consultation with Simon I knew I had made the right choice and booked in for Scalp Micropigmentation.

Gurj Before SMP
Gurj After SMP

Gurj After

The biggest thing for me to deal with was getting used to a short hair style. I had never experienced it and wondered how my family and friends would judge me. I discussed with Simon & Paul keeping my hair long just for the first session and shave it down after session two when more density had been applied. When my hair was shaven for the first time in 33 years it was a weird experience, but the second session made my existing thinning hair look thicker. I had a soft natural hairline and the crown area was no longer bald.

Showing my family was the next step but they loved my short hair, it gave me the confidence to tell them the truth about what I had done. My mom still can’t understand what micropigmentation is and thinks it’s all short hair. My friends are amazed and think it looks so natural and really suits me, that for me is the best compliment I could ever have.

I wish I had visited Brandwood Clinic years ago, I’m now back in training to dance and feel my life is back to full happiness. The practitioners Simon & Paul are experts in hair loss and I can only say thank you to them for helping me. I would fully recommend them to anyone suffering with hair loss problems.

SMP, Asian male