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Ismael’s Story

Brandwood took me in right away since they understood how miserable I was. They have answered all my questions and turned my life around.

There are dishonest providers who use wrong pigments and have no conscience making money on you and leaving you with a terrible treatment.

If you are going through the hell I went through with an uneven hairline and bluish tint head contact Brandwood they are the best in the business. If anyone can save your scalp they are the ones. This is my story and my advice.

More about Ismael

So it was during the first years of college at my 20s when I started noticing the thinning pattern and I decide to grow my hair out with really good results in hiding my thinning process.

I was in denial, trying my best to comb my hair in different directions to try and cover up the baldness which I did for a good 6 or 7 years while I took all sorts of drugs to slow down the process (finasteride, dutasteride and minoxidil mainly). It’s funny because when I had a full head of hair I didn’t care much about it at all, it was just the usual going to the barbers, getting it trimmed and then forgetting about it. It was no big deal but when I knew I didn’t have long left before I went fully bald that’s when I truly valued it and it started to annoy me.

For the next couple of years I went through a long and painful process of using hair concealers such as Nanogen, Toppik, etc. which was awesome and people not noticing anything was such a relief, even though the care I needed to apply to my fake hair gave me some anxiety. Thinking of if it suddenly started raining or if the wind blew too hard, that’s when the concealer would start flying off your head.

I pursued some research into hair transplants but due to my poor donor area I was not a good candidate, something that now I thank. At this point the hair loss had severely damaged my confidence.

I don’t exactly remember how I came across SMP but I started following Paul Clark’s work, at that moment he was starting his SMP career but giving awesome results from the beginning. After years I decided to take the plunge and get it done, and I decided to fly from Spain to the UK just to get my head treated by him, even though there are some practitioners closer to me. I wouldn’t allow anyone but the guys at Brandwood to touch my head.

Ismael After

After 3 sessions I’m done, although I’m considering if another treatment after the summer would benefit me by going a bit darker, I will trust 100% the advice of the guys at the clinic and follow their advice.

I can only thank the entire staff of Brandwood and specially to Paul Clark and Simon Lane. They changed my life.

Ismael: Before & After