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Josh’s Story

I started losing my hair when I was 20, it felt very uncomfortable to be in that situation at that age.

More about Josh

I researched SMP and saw great images and reviews for Simon & Paul at Brandwood Clinic. As an ex-professional footballer, I was able to chat to Simon very easily. It probably helped that I’d played for his team – I joined Birmingham City when I was 7 and made my debut against Burnley in December 2012.

Unfortunately, my career was cut short due to a knee injury in 2013.

By the age of 23 my hair had receded significantly and was thinning from front to crown. Now, after three sessions, I have the appearance of a full-cropped haircut and I’m really pleased with how it looks.

I’m now back in football, coaching, and my first child is due soon. Life is good for me.

Josh: Before & After