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Kareen’s Story


In the past I used to wear hair extensions and wigs in every style, cut and colour you can think of. I enjoyed it, playing with fashion and fun. As time went on wearing wigs and extensions became restrictive. I wanted to go on holiday and be able to just jump in the pool without having to figure out what to do with my hair.

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So, I decided I wanted to shave my hair off. I noticed that I had a bald patch on the crown of my head. I started to look for solutions as I had been told that I had female pattern baldness and if I wanted to grow hair in that area, I would need a hair transplant.

I decided against this and did further research on the internet and found a few companies that did a procedure called scalp micropigmentation. I was a little sceptical and my main concern was how safe the procedure would be.

I really wanted a clinic that understood or had dealt with women because it was very common that men had it done but I couldn’t find many that had experience with women.

Brandwood was the third clinic I visited and I knew as soon as I arrived that they were the right clinic for me. They made my experience personal. They reassured me about the safety of their products and I felt comfortable about their breadth of experience in the industry. The deal was done and I was good to go!

A year later and I haven’t looked back. I love rocking the ‘shaved hair’ look and I get more compliments now than I ever did before. The main thing is I didn’t do this for compliments, I did this for myself. Brandwood gave me freedom and confidence.

Thanks Paul and Simon!

Kareen: Before SMP
Kareen: After SMP
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