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Leigh’s Story

I started receding six, seven years ago – when I was 27/28. It started to go at the front and eventually around the crown, it was a gradual thing really. I immediately started shaving it down. Obviously you look on the internet for stuff to try and stop it, there’s lots of things that come up – transplants, wigs, medicines, strobe lamps, potions. Basically I’ve always had short hair anyway so this seemed like the best thing to go for, it was an instant effect and seemed more permanent.

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My first treatment was three years ago, a place in Croydon that I found via the forums. Since then I’ve mostly been treated in Manchester, adding a few bits, top-ups and whatever. It was only recently that I had any problem with them. They’d never confirm who was doing the treatment, always wanted to know how I’d be paying – like it was all about the money. It was all rushed, all on their terms, not any consideration for me at all, seemed to be all about the money and how I was going to pay, like the treatment was an afterthought.

In the end I’d paid for an hour to just ‘freshen-up’ the look and the kid that was doing it couldn’t wait to be rid of me, he had a train to catch to a gig he was going to. After 40 minutes he reckoned he was done, wanted to charge me £300 for it. Not exactly the height of customer service, he was even aggrieved that I paid cash as it meant he’d have to go to the bank. I literally felt like it was get you in, get you out as quickly as possible. He only really worked on the front as well, felt like if he’d darkened that bit up he could get away with it. Looking at it after it’d settled down you could see a disconnection between what he’d done and the old treatments I’d had, it was like having a darker wedge at the front.

Leigh After

I found Brandwood Clinic online and they’ve helped to rectify those mistakes that were made on my last treatment. It has made me cautious about where I go to have my work done, I’m glad I found Brandwood.

I’m quite fortunate to suit the look, I’m a big guy and wouldn’t look right with spiked-up waxed hair or whatever. The close-cropped style suits me fine and it is quite trendy now. Twenty years ago if you had a shaven-style people would think you were a thug but we’ve moved on from those times, it really suits my image and no-one has ever had any problem with it.

No-one has ever mentioned that they’ve noticed the treatment at all. It’s settled down really well, even after the last time – took only about two days to appear right. I shaved it after 4 days and it’s kept its colour really well.

My previous partner, I was with her for 7 months, she never noticed a thing. She even warned me against growing my hair having seen some old photos, reckoned I looked much better this way. I notice it occasionally on others, particularly footballers. There’s a load of people that have had it done and you’d never ever know.

I like the style of it, I think it’s a cool style. I’m never gonna be the kind of bloke who wants to spend an hour every morning in front of the mirror with gels and potions and whatever. I suit this look and its pretty low maintenance. What Simon at Brandwood has done is to fine-tune it, now it looks even more natural.

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Leigh: Front After Treatment
Leigh: Back After Treatment