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Marcus’ Story

I started to lose my hair in my late teens, around 19 years of age, pretty young really. It affected my confidence badly, I never wanted to go out or socialise. I stopped going to the gym and didn’t want to date.

More about Marcus

I found SMP by accident and first had my treatment done in 2010. I had to do something about it and chose scalp micro pigmentation over a hair transplant.

I opted for a defined hairline back then and was happy with it at the time but after a while I wanted a change. Looking back at it now I realise that the lines were too straight and sharp, it wasn’t really a natural-looking treatment. The practitioner I used at the time was highly-regarded and well thought of, in retrospect I think it could have been a better job.

I started to work in the industry myself and began to learn that there were more options in terms of hairlines. As the procedures in the business got better it was obvious that mine wasn’t entirely natural. I got it lasered off completely and started over.

Marcus After

I met Paul Clark in 2013, we discussed ideas and I opted for something more natural including a broken hairline, something that still framed my face well and gave me a more youthful look.

Paul perfected my treatment. I had 2 sessions to re-do my hairline, re-fill the whole top and crown, blend everything properly with new side profiles. He also added a designer line.

I went much lighter in tone this time and Paul did a nice medium density treatment.

I visited Brandwood Clinic to get the new 3D scatter technique done to complement my look, this was done by Simon Lane.

I am thankful to the guys, they are amazing and professional. I can’t recommend them enough.

I am full of confidence again and able to live my life normally!

Marcus: Before First Treatment
Marcus: After First Treatment (not Brandwood)
Marcus: Before & After