Paul’s Story

I’ve suffered with hair loss since I was 19 and never thought that there was something that would rid me of being totally bald.

I came across micro pigmentation only 18 months ago and booked in to a clinic in the city I live in, that was a huge mistake on my behalf not only financially but also psychologically as the treatment was a disaster.

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The practitioner did 4 sessions totaling over 15 hours work and I was left with nothing except green dots scattered around my head, there was no hairline or any kind of appearance of a shaved haircut.

I’m naturally a shy and quiet person and did not want to cause any problems so I did not complain and carried on with my life. As the months went on I did begin to feel aggrieved and went back to see the clinic. The practitioner apologised and offered to do more work for free but I had no faith and declined his offer, I never did get a refund.

I knew this treatment could be successful and this time I reached the best clinics in Europe. Brandwood Clinic stood out above everyone and even though this meant travelling three hours I went to see Simon and Paul. Both were very professional and offered positive opinions on how the treatment already there could be disguised and emboldened with their technique and pigment. They have a treatment called SMP Rescue which they use to correct bad treatments performed elsewhere.

After only one session with Simon I could see and feel the difference in technique used at Brandwood compared to the previous clinic. I had never felt the needle being applied before, at the time I thought that was a good thing but now realised it wasn’t being done correctly. After another session with Simon I felt it was perfect, he had created the hairline of my choice applying a soft front and blended into my sides and back of hair.

I was curious what Paul would do on the 3rd and final session. Paul only needed an hour with me and added 3D. I was amazed, the whole treatment plan was just completed in over 6 hours compared to 15 from the previous clinic. I’m truly grateful to Simon & Paul for rescuing my treatment and giving me the appearance I never felt was possible. I’m still angry with myself for not researching clinics and putting location as the main priority instead of experience and talent.

Paul: Before SMP Rescue
Paul: Before SMP Rescue
Paul: After SMP Rescue
Paul: After SMP Rescue