Paul’s Story

I was born with a rare mast skin cell activation disorder called Mastocytosis, as a result the skin on my scalp is heavily scarred.

Paul: Before & After SMP
Paul: Before & After SMP
Paul: Before & After SMP
Paul: Before & After SMP

More about Paul

As a young child, I then developed Alopecia. My thick hair could disguise both conditions but as I became a young man the alopecia got worse and I was left with huge bald patches. Adding to my problem was the mass scarring on my head so I could not even shave my existing hair off.

I wore a hair system for years but hated it. My vulnerable skin was quite irritable; it was itchy but I had no choice I just wanted to be free.

A friend who is a semi-permanent make-up artist knew of Brandwood Clinic, their reputation and the outstanding results they delivered in scalp micropigmentation. She suggested I go to see them.

It was a big job for Simon to camouflage, alopecia and severe scarring from the front to back of my neck, but over five sessions he did it. Now I have the appearance of a shaved head and my confidence is sky high.

My partner, who is a hairdresser, loves it and all my family are amazed at the transformation.

Thank you from my heart Simon & Brandwood Clinic.