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Perry’s Story

About a year ago I saw an advertisement on Facebook about SMP at Brandwood Clinic in Birmingham. I looked at the photographs straight away and thought WOW!

I also thought it was too good to be true.

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Months passed and I kept looking then I would watch the videos and read the reviews, especially about Paul Clark. Being bald has never bothered me, I’ve always had short hair but as the years go by and you hair gets thinner and starts to recede, it knocks your confidence. I work with about 15 women and you do get the odd remark about being bald, nothings said in malice but it just reminds you that you’re getting older and bald!!

Anyhow fast forward a year I decided I was going to get it done with a big push from my wife because she knew how much I wanted it. So, I had my consultation with Paul as it was him that I really wanted to do it as he is regarded as the best. From day one he listened to what I wanted, just a very natural look that’s all.

From the first treatment, I was over the moon and that would have done for me so after I had the second and third I was thrilled to bits. I’ve gone out places and been all over and not one person said anything other than they thought I was growing my hair!! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, it’s not all about the hair it’s about the confidence it gives you. When I look in the changing room mirror I don’t see a bald patch anymore and it feels great.

SMP, male pattern baldness
Perry Before & After SMP
SMP male baldness cure
Perry Before & After SMP
Scalp micropigmentation for male baldness
Perry Before & After SMP

Perry After

I went out with my mate and just happened to mention it to him and he hadn’t even noticed, he was blown away and couldn’t believe it. All he kept saying was that you couldn’t tell and how natural it looked. That’s all I wanted so felt great about it. I wish I’d had the treatment done years ago and would tell anyone who’s thinking of getting it done, just go for it. Do your research, look at other people’s work if you like, but you’ll keep coming back to Brandwood Clinic. Its nearly 3 months since I had the treatment done and to me it’s just the norm and like I was never bald.

A massive thank you to Brandwood Clinic especially Paul Clark.