Phil’s Story

I have worn a hair system for 25 years. My scalp was never exposed unless it was to have the system refitted or changed. I’m a very private person and nobody knew I had hair loss issues.

As the years have rolled on wearing a system was getting harder for me to do. My skin was suffering terribly and a red circular rash had appeared on my scalp. Wearing the system was suffocating my scalp. My head was permanently itching but I couldn’t do anything to ease the discomfort or see any way out.

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Looking for a potential alternative led me to discover Scalp Micropigmentation. I went for a few consultations at various clinics. After a visit to Brandwood I knew this was the clinic to help. The practitioners were world renowned but, to be honest, I was very nervous. I couldn’t imagine how I would look without my hair system and with a shaved head.

My first session with Simon was nerve wracking. No-one had seen me with a bald head and the red rash on my scalp was a huge problem. It took me 12 months to go back for my second treatment. I had a very blunt and truthful conversation with Simon explaining my fears and how I couldn’t just make the change as quickly as we had first discussed.

Simon explained a different treatment plan where I could keep my existing hair long on the sides and back whilst he worked the shading and density elsewhere. This enabled me to continue to wear my system and on the last session he would cut my hair and blend.

After 4 more sessions that fateful day came but I was terrified. I still couldn’t see how this would look. I had no choice, I took the plunge and let Simon cut my hair down to blend the treatment.

When I looked in the mirror I was truthfully blown away, I was speechless. The result was amazing and I was very emotional. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the mirror, I now had a perfectly shaven look of hair.

Phil: Before SMP
Phil: Before SMP
Phil: After SMP
Phil: After SMP

Brandwood persevered

I returned to the clinic 2 months later to show Simon how the treatment looked and to thank him for saving me. He had persevered with me despite my wobbles and trepidation.  I had seen previous client testimonials and read how people were blown away from the results delivered at Brandwood and it was life-changing. To be honest I truthfully thought it was a load of bollocks and nothing could give you that kind of satisfaction, but here I am now telling everybody it does and my life has changed beyond words.

My family and friends all love my new appearance and none of them have any idea I wore a system and now have Scalp Micropigmentation, the result is that good. I’m forever thankful to Brandwood Clinic and the life they have given me back.