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Rajbir’s Story

After child birth 10 years ago my hair began to look very thin, it’s a horrible situation for a woman to find herself in. I had to use hair concealer to make it look thicker than it was. I later discovered that postpartum hair loss is quite common.

My daily routine would begin with me attempting to disguise my hair and to this day I’ve never set foot in a hairdresser’s, I was too embarrassed. I researched a hair transplant but it is not proven to work with females and the hormones that we have. From there I saw Scalp Micropigmentation and the one clinic standing above every other provider was Brandwood. The number of ladies they had treated and were showing on their gallery could not be matched by anyone else.

I own a successful aesthetics clinic and know what separates clinics who claim to be good but are not and the ones who really are at the top of their industry and the reviews and reputation of the staff were what I was looking at. I had my consultation with Simon and was impressed, there was no rush and he answered all my questions in detail and was sincere and caring to my situation. There wasn’t any pressure to from him to have the treatment and these things along with the professionalism and beautiful setting of the clinic sealed the deal for me.

I had 2 sessions with Simon and one from Paul and am so happy with my hair. It looks natural and thicker especially around my centre parting. I am free of concealers and my scalp can now breathe again. My husband has never seen me without concealer so I look the same in appearance to him which is a good thing, my daughter has seen my scalp and she can’t believe how good it now looks. You know kids, they wouldn’t lie.

I will be recommending Brandwood Clinic to all the ladies at my own clinic who suffer with thinning hair, my own personal journey with Simon and Paul leaves me in no doubt they are the best in the business for helping women with thinning hair.

Before Scalp Micropigmentation
postpartum hair loss treated by SMP
After SMP to disguise hair thinning
postpartum hair loss
Before and after SMP for postpartum hair thinning