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Rebecca’s Story

I’m 37 years old and began experiencing hair loss in my late 20s, my doctor believes it’s due to a hormone imbalance.

My hair was extremely thin which was a major concern for me. It began to affect my self-confidence and social life.

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I felt there was no cure for me and reluctantly accepted this was my appearance from now on. One day I was looking on Instagram and saw Brandwood Clinic showing Scalp Micropigmentation images. They were before and after pictures of female pattern baldness. I couldn’t believe the transition. I really hoped this was a sincere treatment and immediately went to their website where I saw case studies and pictures of satisfied customers.

I called the clinic and arranged a consultation with Simon who was very friendly and sympathetic to my situation. After showing me more pictures and videos of woman who had had the treatment I was convinced this was the answer to my prayers.

hormonal imbalance hair loss
Rebecca Before SMP
Hair tattoo for women's hair loss
Rebecca After SMP

After the first session, I could see an immediate improvement and cried tears of joy and relief when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time with my hair looking thicker.

Two further sessions followed where Simon added more density and left the centre parting I had which was exactly what I wanted. This treatment has truthfully changed my life, I’m beyond words to describe how good I feel again and would happily advise any woman with thinning hair to seek out a consultation with Simon or Paul.

Brandwood Clinic has a wonderful caring vibe and the results they produce are life changing.

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Rebecca Before & After
women's hair loss
Rebecca Before & After