Rees’ Story

I initially started my smp treatment with a clinic in Queensland, Australia back in December 2015. The first session was not really noticeable, the second and third was where the poor quality results came through.

As my SMP settled, blotches became visible. I first noticed this after my second session, I then made a complaint to the clinic and asked them to rectify this in the third session. It only got worse. The blotches were a result of too much pressure being applied to my head. The practitioner was obviously not experienced enough.

I shouldn’t have returned to them after the second session, however I trusted them as the experts and really put trust in them, they kept reassuring me that my procedure would be fixed. After various complaints, I threatened legal action and eventually got 50% of my money back. This was from the clinic itself, I contacted the CEO in America and he took no responsibility. He didn’t want anything to do with it.

Reece: Before & After SMP Rescue
Reece: Before & After SMP Rescue
Reece: Before & After SMP Rescue
Reece: Before & After SMP Rescue

More about Rees

I contacted various clinics around the UK as I was there for a month’s holiday. Most clinics wanted me to complete full laser treatment, I wanted this only as a last resort as I understand the laser is very painful and I didn’t want to go through the lengthy process.

I was sure I would find someone who could rectify it and then after extensive research I found Brandwood Clinic. As I was in Australia at the time, I contacted via the website over live chat and then had a Skype consultation with Simon.

I really liked the way they already had an SMP rescue process in place. I looked at previous photos of procedures and couldn’t believe the results.

I had three sessions, the first with Simon. The results are amazing and they have managed to shrink the blotches that were present and completed a better more natural hairline.

Rees After

It looks so natural.

By far, Brandwood Clinic are the best in the business. The clinic is so clean and the guys are great and really talk you through the whole procedure. I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone else. It’s too risky out there with the bad SMP providers, I wouldn’t like anyone to go through what I did with bad SMP clinics. If you want it right then go to Brandwood.