Sam’s Story

In my 20s, when I first started noticing signs of hair loss, I decided to shave my hair completely.

Since then, my hair has never fully grown back. I really wanted the SMP treatment to significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of my hairline.

Stage 1: Visible Results

I hope, by the end of the treatment, the result will have a noticeable affect on my confidence and in turn, my lifestyle. I already feel less self-conscious about my hairline than before, after only the first step of the process!

Stage 2: Enhanced Confidence

Now, my hairline looks much more defined, and the areas where I experienced thinning before have been evened out almost completely. I didn’t think there could be another stage – as the end results of the second stage are so great.

Sam: Before SMP
Sam: Before SMP
Sam: After SMP
Sam: After SMP

Stage 3: Final Outcome

When I first saw the final results of the SMP treatment, I was completely blown away. The difference, although striking to me, remains subtle in the sense that it is not obvious I have had any treatment at all – it looks completely natural. I want to thank Simon for helping me to regain a level of confidence I have not felt in years. The difference to my hairline is outstanding. I now have a ‘feathered’ texture instead of a receding hairline, and it comes as no surprise to me that the technicians at Brandwood created this look – it looks completely different to other examples of SMP I have seen from other clinics, it is miles ahead of the curve!

The feathered hairline I received gives the appearance of a close-shave, and the thinner, balding patches across my scalp have been fully filled out. I am in awe of how authentic the treatment looks. But, more than the physical changes, I am most impressed with the affect the treatment at Brandwood has had upon my self-esteem. My feelings towards my personal appearance have completely changed! I now feel happy with my outward appearance, and have regained a little part of myself.

To some, thinning hair and baldness might not seem like a huge deal, but for sufferers it can be very damaging to self-confidence levels. No longer do I worry about looking older, or whether my hair will completely fall out. Now, all I focus on is feeling happy and healthy.

The results are priceless, and I will always be grateful for the brilliant skill and the dedication of the team at Brandwood Clinic.