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Sarah’s Story

I’m 34 years old and began losing my hair 5 years ago. I work on the front desk at a busy hospital so I see hundreds of people a week and my appearance, I guess like all women, is important to me.

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My hair was thinning on the top of my scalp and my hairline looked very patchy, I tried all the usual hair products but nothing was working and I had to style my hair in a way to hide the thinning. It really began to get me down and my confidence suffered terribly as a result. I felt there was no cure until my sister-in-law told me about Simon Lane and what he was doing for women’s hair loss at Brandwood Clinic. She knew another lady, Michelle, who had been treated there for thinning hair with scalp micropigmentation and her results were amazing.

I went for a consultation and everybody at Brandwood was very friendly and understanding to my situation. I booked in for treatment and over 4 sessions my thinning hair became thicker and stronger looking. My friends at work would look forward to seeing my hair after each session and were all amazed at the transition.

I’m over the moon with the final look and feel a lot more confident with not worrying about if people were looking at my bald patches, I have darkened my hair and straightened it out which is something I couldn’t have done before scalp micropigmentation, my appearance has totally changed for the better. Thank you, Simon and Brandwood Clinic you are, absolutely wonderful.

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