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Sardar’s Story

My hair started receding when I was 21. I experimented with a range of styles to disguise it. When I was 25 I was wearing it long, a few years later I’d cut it short. Eventually I was wearing caps wherever I went, I had a bit of a comb-over.

More about Sardar

I’m 44 now and was made redundant a year ago. I’d I’d been working there for 10 years and suddenly I had a lot more time on my hands. I began looking for solutions, I looked at hair transplants but the more convincing ones were £20k and I didn’t want to spend that much.

Then I saw a thing on Facebook and Googled it, I found Brandwood Clinic and they were only 40 minutes away. I looked at a lot of their pictures but they were all of white guys. I had to ask if it worked for Asian people, brown people like me. I was told they often didn’t want their identities to be known so were less keen to have their photos on the website. I was shown some of them in confidence and I was amazed, it looks better on us.

I drove down the same day for a consultation and started my treatment the day after that so that I could complete it before I went on holiday. It was a bit scary having my hair shaved, from that point there was no going back. Simon did the first treatment and it wasn’t painful at all, I wanted to carry on straight away but had to wait a week for healing and to see how the pigment would hold.

Paul did the second treatment, that’s when I fell in love with it. It looks great. I couldn’t wait for the third session, I was so excited.

Sardar: Before & After Treatment