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Stephen B

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Stephen’s Story

My name is Steve; I am 38 years old and started to suffer from hair loss around the age of 30. For years now, I have been considering some form of hair transplant procedure and have been using Regaine for 3 years.

Initially Regaine appeared to work but after 12 months, I needed to shave down to a grade 1 and had practically no hair on my forehead.

More about Stephen

I’d heard of SMP a few years ago but was put off by the thought because treatment was done using a needle but given that I like to shave my head to a grade 1 figured that it would be the correct route to go down and had penciled it in for my 40th birthday.

In October I received a mailshot from scalpguru asking for models at Brandwood Clinic and thought I’d volunteer.

Extremely nervous and out of my comfort zone completely I met Paul Clark who put me at ease immediately and explained the procedure, completed a patch test and I was booked in! The process involved spending a day with three trainee SMP practitioners who performed my first treatment as part of their course.

Three Sessions later (2 with Paul, 1 with the students) my expectation has been exceeded tenfold.  Never did I expect the result to look so good and I can’t do anything but compliment Paul and the team at Brandwood for their professionalism and focus on customer service and the ‘customers needs’.

I finished my final session in November, approximately 7 hours in total and if you are considering this, stop considering it and just do it!  You won’t regret it one bit.

Stephen After

This week, now the treatment is completed, I’ve had several people compliment the way I look without them being able to fully work out why or what has changed.

Result! Could not have been better – thanks Paul and the team

Stephen: Before & After