Suki’s Story

I’m only 26 years old but for over 10 years my hair has caused me such anxiety and sadness. I come from a big Asian family with sisters younger and older than me, but I’m the only one who suffers with thinning hair.

After I left school I began to see the thickness of my hair change and couldn’t understand why, I spoke to my parents asking for advice and I was sent to Doctors and specialists who put me on hair medication, lotions and even a change in my diet but nothing worked. I had to start applying hair concealer which did help.

More about Suki

My boyfriend has never commented but I was suffering and hated looking in the mirror. I became increasingly desperate, looking for some cure and began my own research into a solution for women with thinning hair which is how I discovered Brandwood Clinic. Much to my amazement and sheer joy I saw pictures and videos of women who had suffered the same as me but were now telling the world they were happy again.

I booked a consultation and spent over an hour with Simon who showed me more pictures and explained the treatment process, I could finally pour my heart out to my desperate situation. I never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable being there, it just felt amazing.

Simon began my treatment the following week and after just one session of Micropigmentation i could see the transformation in my density and stopped using hair concealers.  Two more sessions followed with my hairline added and the appearance of hair follicles added throughout my scalp. I couldn’t wait to go home to show my mom who was amazed at my transition.

Suki: Before & After SMP
Suki: Before & After SMP
Suki: Before & After SMP
Suki: Before & After SMP

Simon made me feel so relaxed with music playing and talking with me about my favourite topic, conspiracy theories!!! Thank you, Simon, it made the time go so much quicker. One of my sisters recently got married and being there with such a big family and friends was amazing for me, I was brimming with happiness with my appearance and could finally now forget about my thinning hair.

I’ve now discussed with my boyfriend and family about getting married in the next year. I can carry on with my life and feeling like a confident young woman. I told Simon he’s my mother’s new favourite person, a big thank you to everyone at Brandwood Clinic. If any woman is suffering in silence with hair issues I fully recommend Brandwood.