Tony’s Story

As a young man, I served in the army and was based in Germany.

I began to lose my hair when I was 26. I had a hair transplant when I was 30. They used plug grafts from the back of my head to implant at the front. It left an 8” by 2” scar.

Tony: Before & After
Tony: Before & After
Tony: After SMP
Tony: After SMP

More about Tony

The transplant was a short-term solution, 7 years later I began losing more hair and the transplant hair also fell out. Unfortunately, it left very visible indented scars at the front of my scalp.

I began using hair concealer to hide the thinning hair and scars but was very self-conscious of how I looked. Eventually I couldn’t carry on using the concealer.

I discovered Brandwood Clinic and read that they were experts in scar camouflage. From consultation to treatments I’ve been impressed, they were very honest and professional.

Tony After

I’ve had 4 sessions and now have a short cropped hairstyle all over with a soft natural hairline. My scars are now hidden, no more hats or concealer!

I’m getting married in 2017, Simon and Brandwood Clinic have changed my life forever.