Yvonne’s Story

I’m 65 years old and have been suffering with thinning hair since my 50’s.

My problems began after going through chemotherapy twice, my hair was never the same. It began to thin out and was brittle and coarse in appearance.

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Over the years, I was left with no hair in the middle of my scalp so I went to see a hair consultant who told me my hair follicles had closed and weren’t getting enough blood or oxygen to them. She suggested I try Regaine, a potion that can revitalise hair growth. The potion did help me a little with small thinning strands growing but the monthly cost and the results I had weren’t enough for me to carry on using and I resigned myself to having a visible bald scalp once again.

My salvation came when I was reading the Daily Express newspaper over Christmas and saw a double page spread on Brandwood Clinic, offering a solution to help woman with thinning hair.

I came for a consultation and told Simon about my expectation level and what I hoped he could achieve. I knew my hair was badly damaged and extremely thin, what I hated seeing every day was a shiny bald scalp and hoped he could camouflage that with the replication of hair follicles and this would make my hair look thicker.

Over three sessions Simon achieved everything I wanted, my bald scalp has been replaced with thousands of tiny pigments replicating hair follicles and my hair does look thicker. I’m very happy and so is my husband, he can see the difference it has made to me personally. I’m happy to show my photos and hope this may help people who are suffering the same predicament I was once in.

Thank you to Brandwood Clinic for helping me.

Yvonne: Before & After SMP
Yvonne: Before & After SMP
Yvonne: After SMP
Yvonne: After SMP