SMP for Men

SMP Solutions for Men

Scalp Micropigmentation is the ground-breaking solution to the problem of thinning hair and baldness for men. Whether it’s a receding hairline, diffuse weakening of hair on the crown, alopecia areata or total baldness, there is an SMP procedure and hairline choice to create your desired outcome.

Scalp Micropigmentation works for any man experiencing hair loss, regardless of age or ethnicity, and is especially suited to men who keep their hair close cut or shaved but yearn for the aesthetics of a hairline and added hair density. A non-invasive process, SMP is able to restore receded hairlines, fill in thinning hair, disguise the bald crown area, and even camouflage former hair transplant scars. Scalp Micropigmentation rejuvenates both hairlines and our clients, reversing the effects that baldness and thinning hair can have on an individual’s self-confidence.

Diffused Thinning

Diffuse Hair Loss is a loss of hair or generalised hair thinning that affects the entire scalp and is a common type of hair loss in both females and males of all ages. With Diffuse Hair Loss, much of the hair remains, but the diameter of the hair shaft is smaller than normal hair and so exposes more scalp through it.

The objective for the SMP practitioner is to replace your lost density and create the illusion of a full head of hair again. Density is built up using Scalp MicroPigmentation by blending pigment softly into the frontal hairline and gradually increasing density throughout the rest of the scalp wherever hair is thinning. Pigment is matched to the colour of your hair dependent on the length you intend to keep it, so that a totally natural blend is achieved.

Hairlines & Styles for Men

Feathered Hairline

Feathered Hairline

This is the latest hairline that Paul Clark and Simon Lane have created and it is totally exclusive to Brandwood Clinic.

Only the most skilled practitioners can create this hairline. It requires the highest level of accuracy with greater definition using careful variances in pigment density & placement to deliver the most realistic hairline on the market today.

Broken Hairline

Broken Hairline

The Broken hairline sits in between the Defined & Jagged hairline options – it has a strong shape but with a softer edge. This hairline works particularly well with White-European males, offering a strong hairline without the harshness of the ‘defined hairline’ which can look a little unnatural on lighter skin tones.

Jaggered Hairline

Jaggered Hairline

Senior Practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane were the creators of the Jagged Hairline. This new hairline was ground breaking in the world of SMP and has since become recognised as the most natural looking hairline on offer. This hairline is suited to all clients looking for a softer and more natural look. With the ‘jagged hairline’ process pigments are randomly placed, e.g. higher and lower, and with different spatial gaps replicating the natural dispersal of hair follicles on the scalp.

Defined Hairline

Defined Hairline

Particularly popular with our African, Caribbean & Asian clients, this procedure restores a modern, youthful and defined hairline. Our practitioners take time to work with you in order to create your perfect hair and temple line. All this takes place in consultation prior to commencing treatment helping to ensure complete client satisfaction. Colour and density is matched exactly during these procedures to create the illusion of a full head of hair which is completed with a strong and youthful hairline. If after time with your original hairline you choose to update it to follow current style trends or simply for a change, we can assist. Just ask your consultant for details.

3D Scatter

3D Scatter Texture

Brandwood Clinic is proud to introduce another new treatment and technique to the world of Scalp MicroPigmentation. The 3D scatter texture effect has been discussed amongst practitioners for years but never perfected until now. Brandwood UK Senior practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane researched numerous needles, pigments and analysed their own technique in order to create the 3D scatter texture and are delighted to have pioneered this ground breaking procedure. This treatment is exclusively available at Brandwood Clinic. It is ideal for those who have already received SMP treatment as it embellishes the effect, rejuvenating the appearance with a more natural and detailed ‘texture’. All new clients will automatically be offered the procedure in their style consultation.

Density Boost

As part of our dedication to finding the ultimate solution to the appearance of hair loss, Brandwood Clinic has developed an SMP treatment which adds density to thinning hairlines. The Density Boost is available to female or male clients who are concerned that their existing hair is thinning.

We work within the existing hair length to create a thicker fuller look giving you the confidence to continue styling your hair at your preferred length. Working between your hair follicles Paul and Simon can apply pigments with pin point precision. No-one need know but the positive effect on your confidence will be pronounced.

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