Ben 2048 1365 Brandwood Clinic

I can’t begin to tell you how great and confident I feel. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt like this.


Sam 2048 1365 Brandwood Clinic

No longer do I worry about looking older, or whether my hair will completely fall out. Now, all I focus on is feeling happy and healthy.

The results are priceless, and I will always be grateful for the brilliant skill and the dedication of the team at Brandwood Clinic.

3D Scatter © Texturing – The most realistic solution to hair loss

3D Scatter © Texturing – The most realistic solution to hair loss 600 429 Brandwood Clinic

3D Scatter © is our unique technique adding ultimate realism to your SMP treatment

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Tom 2048 1365 Brandwood Clinic

When my close friends ask me why I went all the way to England to get this done I say, with all the sincerity, because they are the best on the planet at what they do. 


Richard 2048 1365 Brandwood Clinic

In 4 weeks, my life has changed beyond words, I’m the happiest I’ve been since I was in my twenties and no longer wear caps, I’m making up for lost time by showing off my short cut appearance. 

Practitioner carrying out a patch test

How we can cure your fear of baldness

How we can cure your fear of baldness 800 572 Brandwood Clinic

Brandwood’s senior practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane have led the industry with pioneering techniques and continue to innovate, constantly seeking new ways to deliver the best possible service.


Paul 2048 1365 Brandwood Clinic

I’m truly grateful to Simon & Paul for rescuing my treatment and giving me the appearance I never felt was possible. I’m still angry with myself for not researching clinics and putting location as the main priority instead of experience and talent.

Is bald sexy?

Is bald sexy? 1024 735 Brandwood Clinic

It’s subjective, in the eye of the beholder, or is it?


Doug 2048 1493 Brandwood Clinic

I see this treatment as the best thing to happen to me for such a long time, I will always be thankful to Simon and Brandwood Clinic. 


Clive 2048 1365 Brandwood Clinic

I tried various products to help reduce my hair loss and different things to help disguise the fact I was losing my hair. Nothing really worked and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t get depressed about it.

Then in May 2016 I heard about SMP and started to research what it was all about. For the first time in years I started to feel excited about something and actually dreamt about how good I would feel after having the treatment done.