The award goes to….

A hectic awards season

Awards season in the scalp and cosmetic industry is concentrated in the space of five frantic weeks from Easter to mid-May. This wild period of ceremonies has seen us travel to Florida, London and finally Nottingham for networking, workshops, speeches, presentations and, of course, awards.

Prior to 2017 there were no recognised awards in scalp micropigmentation, it speaks well of the industry that there are now considered to be enough skilled people in business that they can ‘do battle’ against one another. Our history in awards is even briefer. Our schedule in 2017 meant that we were unable to attend the Micropigmentation UK Awards which featured an inaugural scalp prize. Non-attendance sadly meant we were ineligible.

This time around however, Simon stepped forward and was involved in a dead-heat with our good friend, Terrence Jones. The two had to be separated by a final deciding vote which declared Terry this year’s winner. Simon took it well, as you can see from the photo!

Simon Lane & Terrence Jones
Simon Lane & Terrence Jones
Simon & Paul at Team Micro MOM Awards 2019
Simon & Paul at Team Micro MOM Awards 2019


We didn’t leave Nottingham empty-handed though. The judges decided that our website ‘is visually appealing and contains the best overall package, proving to be an effective tool in marketing the business and its services.’ Best website was an award we weren’t expecting but a great validation of the work we put into it and the feedback that our clients give us.

A few weeks before Micropigmentation UK, Simon was at Heathrow for the third Meeting of Minds (MoM) Conference. Organised by Team Micro, formerly known as Scalp Guru, MoM has become a key date in the SMP calendar with technicians and interested parties travelling from all over the world to attend. This year’s conference featured the usual mix of informed debate and presentations on new developments and significant issues.

There is also always a great deal of networking, which you can interpret as drinking and tomfoolery. MoM introduced an awards presentation in 2018 at which we were honoured to take home the trophies for ‘Best Technician UK’, Simon Lane. This year found us placed highest in the UK for our training course, recognised Agata Andrews as one of the industry’s ‘Rising Stars’ and saw Simon Lane collect the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ prize, making him the only person to win ‘Best Technician’ and ‘Outstanding Contribution’.

It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it

The awards season had kicked off in Florida with The World Scalp Micropigmentation Training Group’s annual awards. Naturally this was one we all wanted to be at, but we could only spare Wayne to parade around in his Bermuda shorts by the pool. Luckily he’d taken a spare suitcase to haul the magnificent glass trophies all the way back to Solihull. Simon was warded in the ‘UK Artist of The Year’ tussle but shared the glory for ‘UK Company of the Year’ and the gratification in being recognised as the UK’s ‘Best Training Company’ for the second year in a row.

It is always a massive honour to be recognised for our work, particularly when the votes come from our peers and experts in the industry, often world-renowned artists themselves. Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that rewards both the practitioner and the recipient with the reactions and gratitude of the latter giving continual benefit, way beyond actual trophies. We’re very fortunate to have both, to be an award winning scalp clinic with hundreds of happy clients. We are grateful for both, thanks for voting for us!

Damien Porter & Simon Lane at Team Micro Awards
Damien Porter & Simon Lane at Team Micro Awards

Our Awards

World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards 2019
UK Artist of the year Simon Lane (Runner Up)
UK Company of the Year Brandwood Clinic
UK trainer of the year Brandwood Clinic
Outstanding Contribution to SMP Simon Lane (Finalist)
Scalp Guru Awards 2019
Outstanding Contribution Simon Lane
Best UK Practitioner Simon Lane (Finalist)
Rising Star Agata Andrews (Finalist)
Best Trainer (UK) Brandwood Clinic
Micropigmentation UK Awards 2019
Scalp Award Simon Lane (Runner Up)
Best Website Brandwood Clinic
Scalp Guru Awards 2018
Best UK Technician Simon Lane
Best Training Programme Brandwood International
Micropigmentation UK Awards 2018
World Scalp Micropigmentation Training Group Awards 2018
Best Training Course (UK) Brandwood Clinic