What are hair fibres?

What is hair concealer
or fibres?

Recent photos of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney appeared to show them using hair fibres or concealer to enhance the appearance of recent transplants.

In this video Simon Lane, who used concealer products for 15 years, explains the advantages and disadvantages of using ‘spray-on hair’.

Hair fibers, advantages and disadvantages

Many hair loss solutions have pros and cons. Here we outline the benefits and negatives of hair fibres.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective at enhancing thinning hair for short periods
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Messy, impractical
  • Not water-resistant
  • Cause skin problems, irritation
  • Can look obvious
  • You become dependant on them
  • Not suitable for sports or certain activities

Other options for hair loss & thinning

Simon often reflects that during his years of using concealer he generally spent longer getting ready than his wife did.

In order to maintain the appearance of thicker hair, to hide the bald patches he was forced into a ritual of applying hair fibres and fixing spray, a process that became obsessive.

It’s a common tale as Sally also echoes in her story before she discovered scalp micropigmentation. Indeed many of our female clients have experimented with hair fibers before opting for a more permanent answer.

SMP fulfils the same role by adding the appearance of short hairs and creating the appearance of density. It is the low maintenance alternative for thinning hair since it will not be troubled by water or wind and does not require frequent re-application.

SMP also avoids that over-lacquered, fake look that can be caused by fibres and fixing spray – an appearance that a client once described to us as ‘broken shredded wheat on an ostrich egg’.

See the images in this feature for our realistic before and after results, then call us to see if SMP can help you.