Why do you need three sessions?

Why do you need three sessions?

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a considered and meticulous process. At least in some hands.

The delivery is down to the technician and their style and we do know of good practitioners who employ a very rapid method of applying the pigment. We tend not to take this approach. We are careful and studious, we take our time to work around your hairline and follicles in order to craft a natural appearance.

As a result our work is quoted as an end-product and will generally take three sessions. Within your initial consultation you will be given an honest appraisal of the styles that are best suited to you and the time and cost of the treatment required to achieve the look you’ve chosen. Once the price is quoted it will not alter unless you make significant changes to the treatment plan or add coverage that wasn’t previously included. What might be slightly flexible though is the time we spend on the process.

We believe wholeheartedly that everyone is an individual and the look you want to achieve will be a result of the discussions you have with your practitioner both in advance and during the treatment.

At the first session we establish a base for the procedure, creating the template for the rest of the work. After a week or so we’re able to see how your skin has reacted to the pigment and how much work will remain. The immune system plays a big role in this, an over-active immune system can reject pigments.

The start of session two is in the appraisal. The second session adds a lot more detail, working in-between existing placements and adding the all-important density. It is possible that you’ll think we’ve finished once this session is over because it looks so good but there is a reason for the third session, perfectionism.

Our work is rightly lauded as being amongst the best in Europe. Given that we have clients from all over the world it is acceptable to consider that we are pretty much unrivalled. The third session is the icing on the cake, the finishing touches. Two to three weeks after session two you’re back in to see what needs to be finalised or improved upon. It is this attention to detail that keeps our premier reputation and ensures customer satisfaction.

It is also about an effective blend, working into the back of the head and into the sides, where hair often still exists, for a seamless and flawless transition. Three sessions allow this to take place, two would not. Reinforcing pigments over three sessions also ensures that the body totally accepts the treatment.

We know of clinics who quote on two sessions with the knowledge that three are required, when everyone ‘suddenly’ realises it then the cost is extra. For us three sessions are essential, otherwise it’d be like building a wall by lobbing some bricks and mortar together without considering the pointing.

The most important factor for us is of course our patented 3D treatment. Unique to us and available only here, performed by its inventors and pioneers, the 3D effect is only available for delivery over a three treatment period. Good work requires sufficient time, we’re conscious of giving you the time that’s needed.

This is a very visible treatment, one that will enhance your appearance and possibly change your life. Why rush it? Don’t cut corners, trust in reputation and standards – believe in Brandwood Clinic.

A typical full hair loss treatment will include 3 clinical sessions and all Brandwood Clinic treatments come with a comprehensive 24 MONTH GUARANTEE.

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